​Generic Remote I/O Panel:       $ 2,700.00

​The purpose for Remote I/O is to create a modular design for sites with multiple plants or devices.  Remote I/O gives you the ability to utilize a single communication source for multiple physical devices that will require communication to the main RTU/PLC.

Single Level Control Box:       $ 6,300.00 (Includes 1 - Guided wave radar sensor)

This control box's purpose is to be a drop in addition for standalone tank level monitoring or to be integrated into an existing system as a level interlock using a relay output. The panel will have additional I/O available however only a single SPDT relay will be prewired. The system will use the Signal Fire Wireless with High Capacity Solar unit. This version uses the serial only PLC and is NEMA 4 INDOOR. Unit can handle up to 35 additional radar sensors within 1500’ of the unit. Limited to 6 total unique relay outputs.

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